Beirut Beirut!


I’ve mentioned in my first post how I wasn’t sure about starting off the entire blog. I was also honestly not sure about how to do it, still getting the grips on it all really. I obviously didn’t want to start it off with a meh post or something that was only alright to read. I wanted it to start off with a bang. On my flight back from Beirut it just suddenly clicked! I really didn’t feel like writing about anything while I was there because I didn’t have the time and knew I wouldn’t do all I wanted to say any justice. It’s the first city ever to make me feel like I belong there and just did not want to go back to Amman. So I thought, it would have to wait until I’m back in Amman. On the flight, I was just going through all the pictures I had and thinking of all the things that I wanted to say about so much and realized that Instagram posts would really not cut it anymore. And so, there was my bang. I would start off the blog with a travel series on all things Lebanon during this trip. And so, this is what we’re starting off with folks. This is going to be a post series on different things during the trip. Don’t fret though, it won’t be a recounting of events, but there are so many things and places that have happened and that I’ve seen that made me think of so much, and I would so love to share all that fun with you. The fun and the thoughtful. Happy reading!

So let’s start off with the why;

I’ve always had a thing for Beirut! I was there with my family 12 years ago and ever since, I just couldn’t get over it. I don’t have exact memories of our time there but I have snippets, just small images that I can see flashing inside my head, and they are lovely snippets. It was winter and the memories I do have are those of a lovely road trip with my mother, father and older sister. Snippets of snowcapped mountains when we first arrived, seeing AUB from across the corniche, of the most delicious Labaneh sandwiches we’d had in Shtoura, of endless tiring shopping hours with mama at ABC, of Nadine Labaki’s Eddam El Kel which was just out and playing everywhere back then, of the café’s in downtown Beirut late at night, and of so much more. I am a very avid Pinterest user and have across the years accumulated a very good amount of pins related to Beirut which only added to my excitement of going there. Alas, I couldn’t manage to go there until now, but it was worth the wait. I’ve never fallen for a place the way that I have for this city. My usual sentiments at the end of any trip is ‘oh it was lovely but I can’t wait to go back to Amman.’ This time it was different, I just started thinking of excuses to stay there and thinking of ways of how I could permanently return. What’s funny is that a lot of people were/are making fun of my excitement and saying it’s as if I was going to the most gorgeous city ever but that’s the thing, to me, it was. I think it’s a combination of seeing such a culturally diverse liberal place that is also Arab. It feels like home except a much more welcoming home. A lot of things stuck with me there but there are things that I feel I must thoroughly describe and explain the why behind them sticking with me. So as I’ve mentioned, the upcoming posts are going to be a series of those things that will hopefully make my love for this city much more understandable and hopefully you’d find the feelings in those posts relatable and maybe, just maybe, I’d be able to transmit to you some of what I felt.



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