Beirut; American University of Beirut

AUB ya AUB… man. I have never gotten feels from a place like the feels I got here except at CMS. We had it on the list of places we had to visit but I didn’t know that it would be a place we just didn’t want to leave. It was our second day in Beirut and apparently all we had to do was walk straight from our hotel to reach the American University of Beirut. I am very fascinated by the fact that universities don’t have to be all shut off from the world where you’re only allowed to enter if you have an ID card and all… When I first went in I just got this rush of feels-like-home emotions. The kind I only got back at school. I don’t know what it is, never mind the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous with greenery everywhere and obvious history everywhere. But it’s just about the vibe. There’s a kind of homey feel there. You feel like everything is welcoming you, the buildings, the nature, the people, everything. Fortunately for us, their student council elections were coming up in a couple of days and so we got to witness all the campaigning the students were doing. It was so cute! They were actually standing in groups singing back and forth to each other trying to diss each other but it was in the sweetest way possible, I was just standing there imagining the same situation at UJ. And lol. It’s not the same.


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