The Conversation TV Series!

I am a sucker for TV with good conversation. I am always so amazed by the fact that not only are these conversations amazing but the fact that this is dialogue that was written by someone! How difficult must it be to imagine people having these conversations and write them down? Some of my favorite movies and series that do have this beautiful feature are Elizabethtown, Love the Coopers, Gilmore Girls and the Perks of Being a Wallflower. What I’m going to be doing, just so you don’t get bored as hell reading one very long article is I’m going to dedicate one article to each of them to tell you about how incredible they are. Of course I am going to be mentioning their plots so spoiler alerts. But for now I’m going to end this with telling you a funny little anecdote about spoilers, this story has a Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince spoiler so beware. A few years back in 2010 I had just read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and had just given it to my best friend Dana to read. One of the chapters in the book is actually called ‘the Half Blood Prince’ and you know how the names of chapters are usually written at the top of all the pages of the chapter in a small font. For some ungodly reason I had decided to write in between parentheses (SNAPE) and I had completely forgotten about having written that. A few days later Dana calls me with the angriest voice imaginable and goes ‘RAJA’ SHU HAD SNAPE?!?!’ ….silence…I am not the best person in the world to make stories up let alone one that had to be created on the spot but at that exact moment praise be to God I came up with the best lie in the whole world which I’ve completely forgotten now but the gist is I made her believe without an ounce of suspicion that it was just something that I had randomly written on the page. I was and still am so thankful for the lie I was able to come up with because I cannot for the life of me imagine ruining that for someone. Just imagine, ruining the sixth book of Harry Potter for someone and telling them the whole secret behind the entire book. Just not good.


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