The Conversation TV series; Love the Coopers

Around a year ago, my parents and I were just flipping through the channels on the TV trying to find something decent to watch. We came across this movie and were like okay seems interesting let’s give it a shot. I kid you not, from the very first second, this movie just pulls you to it like gravity. It starts off with Fleet Foxes’ White Winter Hymnal and with a narrator telling you the background story; I just fell in love right then and there. The entire soundtrack of the movie is just to die for, and I have a thing for movie soundtracks. I remember I fell in love with You’ve Got Mail when the Cranberries’ Dreams starts in the first 5 minutes when Kathleen starts walking down the street after sending the first email to Joe Fox. Anyways, back to Love the Coopers. Spoiler alert starts here; the movie is basically about a family who gets together around Christmas time while the parents’ marriage is falling apart. Seems pretty typical, but there a few beautiful elements about this movie that make it so heartwarming and amazing. One thing is writing and conversation. It kind of reminded me of Amelie. How the narrator tells you the stories of all the characters and what they’re feeling at certain points. It gives you this dreamy feeling of watching a movie while dipping your head inside a beautifully written novel. Another thing is how obsessed the mother is with Christmas which duh I can’t help but loving. Finally it’s just the way the movie is filmed entirely, bright bright colors that are sure to make your soul feel just a little bit lighter.


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