The Only Time I Hated Winter

People either really love winter or really hate it. Of course there are those who are just apathetic towards it all, but we don’t really like those people, they’re usually apathetic towards a lot of things, they’re what I like to call the ‘meh people’. For me, winter is absolute heaven, There’s just something inexplicable about it all. It all really starts with the first rainfall. Especially if that first rainfall is unexpected. This year when it happened, I was in the car with my sister in law and it suddenly started raining; started off as a sprinkle and then it poured. And it was absolutely lovely. I really just lost it. My sister in law is not at all a winter person and so you can imagine the contrasting scene right there in the car; me basically tearing up with happiness and excitement and her starting to sulk. I really don’t know what it is about that first rainfall. Maybe it’s the sense of life; water coming down from the sky. Not to mention how pretty and twinkly and glittery it makes everything look. When you think winter, I’m pretty sure you can’t help but think of all the cozy and cute vibes. Long drives with your friends and the endless amounts of drive-thru coffees. I have to admit though, the one time I really hated winter was in 2013. Alexa!!! The bane of everyone’s existence. It was definitely the one time that everyone without exception hated winter, except maybe those who really hate their jobs and were happy about staying at home. Snow looks absolutely gorgeous and there is nothing like waking up to a smooth white blanket hugging everything you see. But that year, that blanket turned into a whole damn bed. Of snow. Everywhere. I remember waking up on the second or third day of the storm with some of our favorite trees having fell down in the garden. They just couldn’t handle the weight of the snow. Not to mention how the frost afterwards just made all the trees literally burn on the inside. It took 2 years of recovery until they could actually get back into healthy form. I think that is what got to me the most, it just felt so sad and I felt so angry towards all the snow literally thinking “how dare you??” Also, it’s nice to be able to sit at home at peace and finally being able to do stuff you’ve been putting off for a long while but when you have gotten to know your family inside out and have eaten everything that is possibly edible at home and still need to stay in, without choice, that is when it becomes frustrating. I actually think this was just back then, I would love to have that again, I’d probably spend most of my time reading and writing if this were to happen right now. Unfortunately we haven’t had a decent snowfall ever since then except for Huda in 2015 which was kind of chilled; but I’m honestly hoping for some snowfall this year, the kind that makes you stuck at home. I miss that feeling, and would definitely take advantage of it all. Just no ruining trees snow, we’re besties remember? ❄️


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