The Millennium Bridge

I really love telling this story but I’ve never actually put it into writing so today I shall let it all out. So around a year and a half ago while I was in London, I had a standing ticket to go watch The Taming of the Shrew in Shakespeare’s Globe. On my first day in London I got lost on the tube and had decided that the bus was going to be my savior. Never attempted going on the tube again thank you very much. My other savior was this app called citymapper which to this day I have no clue how I would’ve survived without. Anyways, essentially what a standing ticket is is literally a standing ticket, where you’d have to stand for the entire duration of the play which was around 3 hours. The unexpected thing that night was that voilaaaa, it was raining in lovely London. I was thinking so what? A bit of drizzle, nothing that my ‘waterproof’ coat couldn’t handle. Lolz Raja’ you funny naïve girl. I remember it was already super dark and I left my dorm room. According to Citymapper the theater was right next to St Paul’s Cathedral, which I’d been to multiple times but hadn’t seen any sign of the Globe but you can’t not trust Citymapper now Raja’ can you? So I go on the bus and the app tells me that I’ve arrived. I leave and I’m supposed to be there, but it was still nowhere to be found. I look at the map and apparently, I was there, I was just on the other side of the Thames. Just had to cross the Millennium Bridge. So I look across the empty terrifying street where let me tell you, it was not just drizzling, and I had absolutely no idea what the bridge was at the time, it just looked like a huge scary as hell bridge overlooking the Thames that was going insane, I had never seen huge waves in a river before that night. O yalla Raja’ just do it, go, walk. The thing is the entire bridge was empty and the sound of the rain with the raging river were absolutely insane, let’s just say it was the closest I’d ever felt to ‘could be dying any second now, good luck.’ Made it through finally and it was absolutely one of the most beautiful nights of my entire life. Everyone was smart enough to be wearing actual waterproof plastic coats unlike me but we all stood there for 3 hours watching one of the best performances ever. I did not understand half of what was said and I had never read the Taming of the Shrew before but it was just so impressive to see acting that was so expressive that you could understand everything despite the fact that you couldn’t understand half of the words being said. There was also this scene where a guy had to bathe in a tub and he did it right then and there in the middle of the rain. Now that my friend is appreciation of art. Thankfully the terror ride to the theater was completely worth it. And the view of St Paul’s while I was walking back across the river was just the cherry on top of a gorgeous night.


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