The Alternative

So what’s the alternative? What are we supposed to do so that we’re not so hung up on our first world lives in a third world society? After yesterday’s post I had a long discussion with my dad about this and the thing we agreed on is that ultimately, what can get us out of this self-absorption is to redirect our efforts onto something else. Bettering one’s own self is surely a good way to start, but that is never completely attainable; but it is a process that must be perpetual. Something else which is probably falls into bettering ourselves is to actually get involved with helping others. So many people do not live the privileged life that you and I thankfully live. Sometimes I feel like this kind of privileged life is a responsibility. We were not given this kind of life just so we can enjoy it and not care or give back. Sometimes it could just be by listening to someone else’s problems and actually feeling empathetic towards them and not just some sympathy. I remember that as a teenager it never made sense to me that some people said you had to say certain prayers for you to actually be praying for someone, and I remember asking my dad back then how it was best to pray for someone and what he said then just stuck in my head forever, he said ‘you just love them.’ And this has proven to be so true; if you genuinely love someone, feel their pains and truly care about them being the best version of themselves, this will happen. It will all reflect through your actions towards them, you are going to be helping them out by simply loving them.


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